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Advanced Search will allow you to use more precise searching if you know exactly what you are looking for. It does not use the same broad Word Search that the Basic Search uses, therefore, more precise search term definitions are required.

There are a number of defaults that display when you first bring up the Advanced Search page. You can easily change the search field (e.g. keywords, titles, authors etc.) and how you want it to look for the search term.

  • To add a row (field) click on the + symbol after the label AND or OR, then select Add Condition
  • To delete a row, click on the X before the field label

The default AND finds only records that match all the search criteria in every row. Each row you add will make your search more precise (and limit the number of records found).

Click on the AND label to change it to OR if you want to expand you search and find records that match criteria in any of the rows.

Take the mouse and hover over the first section and it will allow you to change the field that is being searched.

The comparison section has an associated list that you can change as well.

Finally the <enter the value> allows you to either type in a value or pick it from a drop down.

Build a more complex search

  1. Run a search using AND (e.g. "Subjects" contains deeming )
  2. Click on the + symbol after the label AND then select Add Group
  3. Select label OR then click on + to add search fields (e.g. "Authors" contains iwc ; "Authors" contains oniwg )

Note: Enter the AND search term(s) first, then add the OR group.

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